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Category: Privacy


Analysing the Twilio data breach of 2023: A case study in insider risk and social engineering

November 20, 2023 by Christopher McNaughton
The Breach In mid-2023, Twilio, a major player in cloud communications, suffered a…
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The Ubiquiti data theft: A case study in insider risk and the necessity of vigilant monitoring

November 15, 2023 by Christopher McNaughton
Introduction to the Ubiquiti Data Theft Incident In the dynamic world of network…
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Mitigating insider risks - A deeper dive into the Cash App data breach

November 8, 2023 by Christopher McNaughton
The breach at Cash App, where a former employee accessed customer data without…
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A case study in data breach: A lesson in insider risk management

October 12, 2023 by Christopher McNaughton
Once upon a time, in a bustling tech company, an application developer named…
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Safeguarding customer sensitive information: The imperative of data mapping

October 5, 2023 by Christopher McNaughton
In the digital age, where data has become the lifeblood of organizations, protecting…
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Proactive staff monitoring: A vital instrument for enhancing data governance and privacy of customers.

August 14, 2023 by Christopher McNaughton
In the contemporary digital era, sensitive customer data is integral to any business…
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Unpacking the complexities - Legal discovery of vast data repositories

August 9, 2023 by Christopher McNaughton
Legal discovery in the modern era is increasingly challenging as the volumes of…
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Which lever will the CISO pull - A comprehensive and strategic approach to enhancing information security controls.

August 7, 2023 by Christopher McNaughton
In today's increasingly interconnected digital age, where organisations across the globe are grappling…
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Insider risks of using ChatGPT: Safeguarding your data in the digital age

August 2, 2023 by Christopher McNaughton
In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly embracing AI-powered chatbots such…
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Ensuring the success of employee activity monitoring: communication, compliance, and care.

July 17, 2023 by Christopher McNaughton
In the age of interconnected workplaces and data-driven decision-making, employee activity monitoring has…
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