In the age of escalating cyber threats and rapidly evolving technology, corporations are becoming increasingly vigilant in their efforts to protect their data, assets, and reputation. While much attention is given to external threats such as hackers and malware, there is a lurking menace that often goes overlooked—insider risk. According to the adage, "What gets measured gets managed," ignoring the critical element of insider risk leaves organisations vulnerable, operating in the dark and susceptible to internal threats that can be as devastating as external ones. The implementation of an insider risk program is not merely a nice-to-have; it's an imperative. Solutions like ShadowSight can provide a comprehensive approach to managing this risk, offering an array of benefits from increased policy compliance to enhanced competitive edge.

The Invisible Threat: The Risks of Ignorance

Failing to gain visibility into insider risk is akin to navigating a ship in turbulent waters without radar. You might not see the icebergs, but they can still sink you. Insiders have unique access to sensitive data and systems, often bypassing the security measures put in place to deter external threats. Without a dedicated program to monitor this activity, an organisation essentially blinds itself to a range of risks, including:

  1. Data Leakage: Insiders can intentionally or inadvertently leak sensitive information, which can then be exploited by external parties.
  2. Policy Violations: Employees may unknowingly breach internal policies or regulations, putting the organisation at risk of legal repercussions.
  3. Intellectual Property Theft: The potential for an insider to walk away with proprietary data is high when there are no systems to detect such activity.
  4. Compliance Risks: Regulators increasingly require proof of internal as well as external cybersecurity measures. Lack of an insider risk program can result in severe penalties.

The Case for an Insider Risk Program

The absence of an insider risk management program is not just a missing puzzle piece; it's a gaping hole in your organisational security strategy. To fortify the internal landscape, companies should adopt specialised insider risk management platforms like ShadowSight, which offer:

Increased Policy Compliance

By monitoring insider activity, an organisation can identify and rectify policy violations, ensuring that employees are consistently compliant with internal regulations and external laws.

Reduction in Data Breaches and Leakage

Constant monitoring of internal activity allows the organisation to nip any suspicious behaviour in the bud, thereby drastically reducing the occurrence of data breaches and leakages.

Assurance for Regulators

Demonstrating a proactive approach towards insider risk management gives regulators confidence in the organisation's comprehensive security measures, potentially reducing scrutiny and sanctions.

Competitive Advantage

In an era where data is the new oil, protecting it is paramount. Organisations with robust insider risk management programs will enjoy a competitive edge, safeguarding their assets and reputation.

Enhanced Organisational Security Posture

The aggregate benefit of these advantages results in a significantly enhanced security posture, which is vital in today's complex and threat-laden business environment.

In Summary

Ignoring the adage "What gets measured gets managed" in the context of insider risk is not just shortsighted—it's dangerous. An insider risk management program is not a mere accessory to your cybersecurity measures but an integral component that protects you from unseen vulnerabilities lurking within your own walls. Platforms like ShadowSight provide a 360-degree approach to managing this risk, delivering measurable benefits that go beyond mere compliance to offer a lasting competitive advantage. In the evolving landscape of cyber threats, can your organisation afford to operate blindfolded? By acknowledging and actively managing insider risks, organisations not only protect their immediate interests but also secure their future in an increasingly interconnected and perilous world.

Christopher McNaughton

Strategic Advisor, ShadowSight

Who is Christopher McNaughton

Chris is a proficient problem solver with a strategic aptitude for anticipating and addressing potential business issues, particularly in areas such as Insider Threat, Data Governance, Digital Forensics, Workplace Investigations, and Cyber Security. He thrives on turning intricate challenges into opportunities for increased efficiency, offering pragmatic solutions derived from a practical and realistic approach.

Starting his career as a law enforcement Detective, Chris transitioned to multinational organisations where he specialised and excelled in Cyber Security, proving his authority in the field. Even under demanding circumstances, his commitment to delivering exceptional results remains unwavering, underpinned by his extraordinary ability to understand both cyber and business problems swiftly, along with a deep emphasis on active listening.

What is ShadowSight

ShadowSight is an innovative insider risk staff monitoring tool that proactively guards your business against internal threats and safeguards vital data from unauthorised access and malicious activities. We offer a seamless integration with your current systems, boosting regulatory compliance while providing unparalleled visibility into non-compliant activities to reinforce a secure digital environment. By prioritising actionable intelligence, ShadowSight not only mitigates insider threats but also fosters a culture of proactive risk management, significantly simplifying your compliance process without the overwhelming burden of false positives.