The Unseen Enemy Within

Imagine, if you will, an island lost in a vast sea of corporate offices, bustling hubs of productivity, and sleek boardrooms. Much like William Golding's 'Lord of the Flies', a motley crew of stranded inhabitants, in this case, employees, are left to their own devices. The playing field is levelled - no supervisors, no hierarchical structures, only the primal instinct of survival. This realm serves as the perfect analogy for our exploration into insider risk in organisations.

The Insider Threat: A Ticking Time Bomb

On our imaginary island, just like in organisations, the risk of chaos lurks in the shadows. Not all risks come from savage external beasts prowling the perimeters of the island, waiting to attack. The real danger, often underestimated, arises from the insiders - the very people who should be the island's or organisation's custodians. A sudden shift in allegiances, a spark of selfish desires, and the peaceful society turns into a dystopian nightmare.

Big Brother's Eye: Monitoring as a Necessity

The potentiality of insider threats underscores the necessity for organisations to adopt robust mitigation strategies. Monitoring staff activity serves as a primary means of mitigating insider risks. Sure, it might feel a bit Big Brother-esque, but remember, even on our Golding-inspired island, Piggy had his glasses stolen to make fire. If only they'd had a system to monitor the 'insiders', the thieves could've been nabbed before setting the forest ablase.

Balancing Act: The Monitoring Paradox

However, it's worth noting that this monitoring strategy is not a panacea. It's about as effective as giving a conch to a group of boys marooned on an island. Useful, yes, but only as long as the wielder respects its symbolic authority.

Monitoring: The Ultimate Guard Against Anarchy

Monitoring isn't just about keeping an eye on who's bunking off work or downloading an excess of cat videos. It's about identifying irregular patterns and potential vulnerabilities before they turn into threats, like Jack plotting to wrest control of the island.

Hurdles in Monitoring: Navigating through the Risks

Too much surveillance can lead to a work environment reminiscent of a dystopian novel, devoid of trust. Too little, and we risk slipping into anarchy, with Jack-like characters rising to power and turning the corporate island into a savage battlefield.

The Foresight Factor: Prevention Better Than Cure

Suppose the boys had the foresight to implement monitoring systems, tracking resource allocation, and decision-making processes. In that case, they could've thwarted Jack's bid for power and prevented the tragic end. Similarly, organisations equipped with an efficient monitoring system can identify and neutralise threats before they cause significant harm.

A Lighter Take: The Comical Side of Chaos

As a parting shot, let's not forget the humor that lies in these situations. The idea of corporate executives painted in warpaint, fighting over who gets the plush office with the window view. Or the notion of the HR manager running around with a conch, trying to make everyone listen to the latest company policy.

In Summary: A Call to Prudence

Organisations, like our island, are vulnerable to the inherent risks posed by their insiders. Implementing a staff monitoring system, albeit tricky, serves as an effective strategy to mitigate these risks. And remember, no matter how daunting the task, there's always room for a chuckle or two. After all, it's not every day you get to compare your office to a dystopian island filled with marooned children!

Christopher McNaughton

Strategic Advisor, ShadowSight

Who is Christopher McNaughton

Chris is a proficient problem solver with a strategic aptitude for anticipating and addressing potential business issues, particularly in areas such as Insider Threat, Data Governance, Digital Forensics, Workplace Investigations, and Cyber Security. He thrives on turning intricate challenges into opportunities for increased efficiency, offering pragmatic solutions derived from a practical and realistic approach.

Starting his career as a law enforcement Detective, Chris transitioned to multinational organisations where he specialised and excelled in Cyber Security, proving his authority in the field. Even under demanding circumstances, his commitment to delivering exceptional results remains unwavering, underpinned by his extraordinary ability to understand both cyber and business problems swiftly, along with a deep emphasis on active listening.

What is ShadowSight

ShadowSight is an innovative insider risk staff monitoring tool that proactively guards your business against internal threats and safeguards vital data from unauthorised access and malicious activities. We offer a seamless integration with your current systems, boosting regulatory compliance while providing unparalleled visibility into non-compliant activities to reinforce a secure digital environment. By prioritising actionable intelligence, ShadowSight not only mitigates insider threats but also fosters a culture of proactive risk management, significantly simplifying your compliance process without the overwhelming burden of false positives.