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A human-led solution for a human-led problem, ShadowSight shines a light on internal risk.
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A human-first approach      |      Optimising security without impact      |        Revealing unseen activity

Streamline Insider Threat Management

Easily manage activity logs

reduce false positives with
multilayered analysis

Detect anticipated events

receive accurate and actionable reports in near real-time

Automate policy breach detection

use business context to identify individual risk levels and prevent data loss

Shift company culture

create long-term change by recognising and shifting behaviour patterns

Streamline investigations & compliance

provide regulators with transparent processes and data

Safeguard employee activity

apply white and blacklists to optimise efficiencies company-wide

Preventing insider threats with a human-led approach

When employees take risky decisions with your organisation’s data or sensitive customer information, they introduce the potential for reputational and financial harm.

99% of these insider threats are unintentional. ShadowSight accurately filters false positives to shine a light on both malicious and unintentional threats.

ShadowSight is a customisable, scalable and intuitive platform for preventing insider threat. Suitable for both SME’s and Large Enterprises, it applies business context and behavioural pattern recognition to transform how you manage internal risk.
Analyse activity logs for unsanctioned risky activity
Enhance business context rules
Report results to key stakeholders in near real-time

How it works

A human-first approach

Unlike off-the-shelf ‘solutions’, ShadowSight applies ongoing support alongside automated processes to build a comprehensive understanding of your business context. This allows it to efficiently parse through live activity logs and deliver accurate and relevant reports.

Optimising security without impact

A cloud-native solution, ShadowSight learns from employee behaviour without impacting your organisation’s end user productivity or system performance.

Revealing unseen activity

ShadowSight’s insider threat platform is quick to deploy but long-lasting in its impact. Uncovering activity that typically goes undetected, its algorithms identify patterns of employee behaviour to help you shift company culture and accurately report to regulators.

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